Lost our hearts in Big Apple

It’s the city that never sleeps, a concrete jungle where dreams are made of, Sinatra sang about it and it’s been on many traveler’s wish lists. On mine too. After a long overseas flight, me and my friend Urška finally touched down in a huge airport in New Jersey. First through a passport, visa and fingerprint check point, then we’re off to our cheap but very nice hostel located in Harlem. Driving to that infamous part of New York City we can observe life like in a movie: people, mostly African Americans, are all on the streets, sitting on the stairs, here and there some are walking with a baseball bat in their hands, younger boys are playing basketball, girls are braiding their hairs, children are jumping through a skipping rope. Although our hostel is hard to find, since they have no visible signs outside (they explain it’s because of safety), it is a clean, spacious and a nice one, not to mention cheap and close to a metro station. What more does a traveler need.


“Empire State of mind”

It’s a mad, mad world in Manhattan, the city is heady, frustrating, shocking, almost overwhelming in its intensity and incredibly exhilarating. It’s noisy, roaring, story and turbulent. And yet is not all chaos. it’s a city full of contrasts, unforgettable experience, it’s a city of dreams.

Although public transportation is your best friend in NYC we only took a short metro ride and decided to rather explore this dream city by foot. On our first day in Manhattan our eyes are only looking up. Every building is heading towards the sky. We can notice one way signs, police cars all around and old water towers on smaller buildings. We take a walk on a famous Fifth Avenue and Broadway. We decide to walk our way through the streets to one of the most remarkable skyscrapers – Empire State Building. We buy a New York City pass, which enables us entrance to many city sights. One elevator ride later and we’re standing on a hundred and second floor. Building of this New York’s most recognizable landmark located in the center of Midtown Manhattan began in 1929. Observatory deck provides truly unforgettable 360 degree views of the city and beyond. The view is simply breathtaking and provides you the look on mighty Manhattan, people on the streets seems like little ants from up here. New York is a concrete jungle. You can get similar feeling while standing on the top of the Rockefeller Center, called Top of the Rock. It holds one of the most spectacular views of the city. Inside Rockefeller Center you can take a ride up to its vertigo-inducing observation deck. This is a classic sightseeing spot. It provides you the best views of the Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square from above, on Manhattan and beyond.


City of lights

Next we find ourselves “lost” in the crowd on the Times Square. It is named after the New York Times who’s head offices moved there in 1904. There’s a reason it’s known as the “Crossroads of the World” – everybody that comes to town has to take a peek at the crazy, vibrant, hectic intersection of 42nd St and Broadway. Standing among hundreds of people gives you the feeling you’ve seen in the movies. Now, this is the real New York. A walk on the Times Square is even more magnificent in the night. Don’t expect to see the starry sky here, it’s too bright because of thousands blinking lights and flashing neon advertisements. From commercials, to musical posters, everything shines. This is Times Square. We try to take in the dazzling lights. During the day we hit some shops on the Square, but in the evening we rather indulge ourselves with some Cosmopolitan cocktail. Sex and the city much.


Walk over the iconic bridge

A must in the Big apple is crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Definitely take a stroll over this truly beautiful bridge. The American icon connects the skyscrapers, business part of Manhattan, filled with energy and excitement on one side and calm shore of more chilled and trendy Brooklyn. Cross over this 1834 meters long bridge that was once the longest suspension bridge. Population of Brooklyn is with two million and a half the largest of all the five New York Cities’ boroughs. “Breukelen” is a former Dutch settlement of neatly divided little towns. For most people, Brooklyn is Coney Island, that strange stretch of sea and sand on the coast that’s also famous outdoor amusement park. The vibe of Brooklyn is more down to Earth and a complete contrast to the business oriented Manhattan.


Escape from the city

New York is not just a metropolis with high rises, but it also provides opportunities for walking. In the middle of a crazy city you can find many parks to just relax and fell as on a country. A sunny day is perfect for a walk through majestic Central Park. This “lungs of NYC” extents on more than 300 ha. It’s a gateway from the noisy city to all the nine million people and a sanctuary to many walkers, joggers, cyclists since it simply provides a great escape from the urban jungle. The park was designed in the 1860s. Next to it we visited Metropolitan museum of art. It’s hard to find because of the size of the park, so we ask for help. People of New York City are really polite and helpful. A man not only tells us where to go, but actually accompanies us to the museum. Metropolitan museum of art holds some of the finest artworks in the world.


A visit of New York is not complete without seeing the Lady Liberty. Tall, lean and green statue is rising up proudly out of the waters. The line to the boat that rides the waves to Ellis island is simply too long. Not to lose our time we rather go on a bout trip around Manhattan that is included in our pass and also provides us the views of the famous statue. And yes she is magnificent. A truly must-see New York experience. While visiting NYC don’t forget to also check Grand Central station, the 9/11 Memorial and New York Public Library.

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