Best of Zurich

Sure, Switzerland is mostly known for the Alps and small mountain villages, but that does not mean you should miss cities like Zurich. Zurich doesn’t really have any must-see attractions, there are still some pretty sights though. Spend the time in the largest of Swiss cities as a local – enjoy strolls around the city streets, shopping and eating chocolate.

There is something about colorful houses that makes my heart sing. Add a wide river, a lake with pretty swans, throw some old churches, garnish it with narrow cobble streets and you have a city according to my taste. Zurich in Switzerland is all that and more. Culturally vibrant, attractively set at the meeting of river and lake, Zurich is one of the most popular cities to visit in Switzerland. It is perfect for a quick (three days) Swiss city break. And sweet too. If you are a Chocolate lover Zurich is bound to be on your travel radar. Lindt, does that ring a bell?

After driving through a pocket country Liechtenstein, stopping in charming Chur – the oldest town in Switzerland (highly recommend to stop for couple of hours) -, we’ve reached Zurich.

Overlooking wonderful Zurich’s skyline, you cannot miss all the church towers dominating the city. The Grossmünster church is a landmark. It is an Evangelical Protestant church in the Old Town of Zurich; it has strong ties to the Reformation that took place in Switzerland under the hand of Ulrich Zwingli. Though expensive, staying near the Altstadt is the best for exploring the city on foot. Beware; parking, especially in the city center, is expensive.

I would recommend starting your visit of Zurich by finding your way up to the small hilltop park known as the Lindenhof. It is a former site of a Roman castle, around which the city of Zurich grew. This popular elevated space provides a perfect spot for panoramic view.  Admire Zurich’s oldest quarters on the right bank, landmarks on the skyline like City Hall, the Grossmünster Church, the University and the waterfront of the river Limmat.

Take a walk downhill into the Old Town. Best is to freely wander around. Walk through Augustinergasse and be sure to seek out street of Niederdorfstrasse. It is an atmospheric long pedestrian street. Admire delightful old buildings, stop in one of many restaurants, cafes or bars. It’s fun to walk around Zurich and just soak up the city’s atmosphere. Zurich sits on lake Zurich – the main selling point of this destination for me.

First time I’ve visited Zurich was in the winter of 2011. I kind of fell in love with the city back then already. All the old churches painting a beautiful skyline. Christmas lights were a beautiful decoration for Zurich. However, seeing the city in the time around my birthday in July in 2019 was prettier. Sun, high temperatures, summer … need I say more.

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